treesEverything around us is photogenic. It’s just up to you to decide what you’re going to take photos of. You may see something that may I may not see and vice versa. It all depends on who’s eye is looking through the camera.

When I was in school, one of my instructors recommended that each person in our little group pick one thing or should I say, one theme to focus our attention on. Not everyone took this advice because it’s just so much easier to take pictures of whatever inspires you at the time. I was one of the few that gave it a shot.

After fighting through, what seemed boring, I came to enjoy taking pictures of trees, forests, tree cutters, tree stumps, loggers, etc. Like I said it wasn’t always easy to focus specifically on trees but after awhile that’s all my eyes were seeing when I went out. I started noticing things that I didn’t before. I would casually photograph a team of tree workers as they went through the process of removing a tree.

Of course, before starting my cluster of photo taking I would inform the servicemen that I was just practicing my skills. I also offered to send them copies of the photos that I took so it was sort of a win win situation. I was practicing and they would receive quality photographs that they could use for social media purposes, put on their website, or make business cards with.tree-trimming

One of my favorite team of professional tree removers were from a company called Seattle City Tree Service. I could tell by just watching them that they were passionate and dedicated to their work. They were cabling trees to insure that the tree climber was safe and that the parts of the trees that were cut were lowered safely to the ground. After they had removed the three trees they left the scene looking almost better than when they started. I was impressed with the friendly team tree workers and happy to be able to capture them in photos. They were glad I came around as well. The head guy, Paul Z told me that he was trying to build out a few online profiles and didn’t have many photos to make it stand out so he appreciated me as much as I did them. If you’re looking for a team of professional tree workers and you’re around the North Seattle area, I would highly recommend checking these guys ( out.

I was also able to capture different forests at different times throughout the year. The area that I’m in makes it easy for me to do. It’s really just a matter of me driving a couple of minutes away from where I live to really capture the spectacle of the forest. The snow covered forests were more towards the mountains so that was a little tougher to capture but the changing of the seasons was right in my face at all times.

fall-forestMy instructor was right. After you have that focus of knowing pretty much exactly what you’re going to be taking photographs of motivation to complete a collection of work comes easier.